Editing is war.

Surveillance: A Developmental Edit

A great warrior doesn’t run into battle blindly. They gather as much information as possible. Learn their enemies’ weaknesses and strengths, as well as their own.

The first step in a successful edit is a developmental edit. We look for strengths to emphasize: great voice, strong dialogue and characters, underlying themes. We look for weaknesses: neglected plot threads, misunderstood character motivations, confusion. Then I’ll write a reconnaissance report, and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your plan of attack.

$2 a page

Surgical Strike: A Heavy Line Edit

This is where it gets bloody: the heavy line edit. I step in with my mighty red pen and ruthlessly attack grammatical errors, awkward phrases, info dumps. Every single word is analyzed, pointing out specific strengths and weaknesses on paragraph and line levels.

Starting at $2 a page


Epic Battle: Developmental, Line Edit, and Proofreading

We’ll run surveillance, we’ll initiate a surgical strike, and then we’ll run one last clean up mission to make sure no unruly commas or misspellings escaped our notice.

Starting at $3 a page

Recruit the Plot Ninja


50% down payment

50% final payment after delivery of final edits/editorial letter


250 words = 1 page

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