Editing is war.

Let’s talk about you.

You’re a writer. A writer who cares about quality. A writer who wants to publish a book. This book took you time to write — maybe months, maybe years — and you want it to be the best it can possibly be. You’re ready for the final battle, and it’s time to recruit reinforcements.

You want an editor.

You don’t want just any editor though — you want a warrior. Someone as dedicated to your vision as you are, who will fiercely attack confusion and excess, who will meditate on the vision of your story, and show you how to strengthen its core. You want a person you can trust not just for this book, but for every one that follows.


Surveillance: A Developmental Edit

A great warrior doesn’t run into battle blindly. They gather as much information as possible. Learn their enemies’ weaknesses and strengths, as well as their own.

The first step in a successful edit is a developmental edit. We look for strengths to emphasize: great voice, strong dialogue and characters, underlying themes. We look for weaknesses: neglected plot threads, misunderstood character motivations, confusion. Then I’ll write a reconnaissance report, and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your plan of attack.

$2 a page

Surgical Strike: A Heavy Line Edit

This is where it gets bloody: the heavy line edit. I step in with my mighty red pen and ruthlessly attack grammatical errors, awkward phrases, info dumps. Every single word is analyzed, pointing out specific strengths and weaknesses on paragraph and line levels.

Starting at $2 a page


Epic Battle: Developmental, Line Edit, and Proofreading

We’ll run surveillance, we’ll initiate a surgical strike, and then we’ll run one last clean up mission to make sure no unruly commas or misspellings escaped our notice.

Starting at $3 a page


50% down payment

50% final payment after delivery of final edits/editorial letter


250 words = 1 page

Recruit Me

Who am I?

Crystal Bryant, Plot Ninja, at your service. I’ve been editing professionally since 2011, with a focus on genre books. Does your book have aliens, wizards, fae, energy guns, creatures of mythology, or super powers? You’re right up my alley.

My passion for story isn’t beyond the nuts and bolts of grammar and technique. It incorporates them. The structure draws the reader’s eye, supports revelations and plot turns, prepares the reader for the finale. The details keep the reader’s attention: sentence structure, word choice, punctuation.


Crystal is exactly the kind of editor I was looking for. She helps to flush out plot, characters, setting, everything I needed, BUT, and this is a big but, she didn’t ignore my need to keep the story in my own voice.

So many times, I hear about traditionally published authors who have had their stories reworked by editors to the point that they have a hard time finding what’s left that’s still truly their own. It’s a shame, and part of the reason I decided to go Indie. However, as an Indie, I needed to find professionals I could hire to make my book everything I wanted it to be. Crystal is one of the professionals I chose, and I’m so pleased I did.

My experience with Crystal was a positive one, and proved to me how talented and thorough she is. I look forward to utilizing her to help me mold my future works, and highly recommend her. She really is the Plot Ninja.

Teal Haviland

Crystal has a keen eye for the rules of grammar while keeping in mind the stylization of my writing and knowing how to bridge the two.

Not only is Crystal an editor, she is a writer as well. This helps her guide her writers along as she understands the process and how a story is grown.

Mark Steinwachs

Best editor ever! Crystal and I have worked on several projects and there isn’t anyone better. Her attention to detail, both in content editing and line editing, is unmatched. Plus, she is just a joy to work with.

I’d worked with her on an anthology for the NWMG which she was the editor. I was very impressed with the quality of the work that she’d chosen and cleaned for the book.

Moving forward with my writing and publishing future, I will be utilizing her skills and recommend that you do as well.

D. Alan Lewis

We can do this one of two ways.

(Both are the easy way.)

Test Run

Request a sample edit.

Not sure how tough I am? Want to put me through my paces?

I’ll take 10 pages of your manuscript (about 2,500 words) and give it the full treatment. No holds barred.

The cost is $15, and if you decide to recruit me for the full manuscript, that goes toward your down payment.

Head First

You’re ready to work with me on a full project.

I like your decisiveness.

Next steps

If you want a test run, attach your 10 pages in a Word or RTF file when you message me. (Make sure you also tell me you want a test run. Just to be clear.) I’ll send you an invoice for $15, and sharpen my red pencil.

Whether you’re ready to begin, or just curious about the editing process, let’s start talking.

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